Grounding: Davails' Empowerment Bracelet


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Davails' Grounding Empowerment Bracelet

Being grounded allows one to be present in the moment, centered and connected to the Earth's energies.  When we are grounded, we can make and better and clearer decisions, have focus and be in tune with our authentic selves.

Wear the Grounding bracelet with its combined energy to assist in staying rooted in the now, mindful of your surroundings and in tune with Mother Earth.

Hematite is a phenomenal grounding stone and assists with counteracting spaciness and confusion for clearer thinking.

Red Jasper is a great balance between nurturing and energizing energy while supporting clearing and activation of the Root Chakra and connecting you  with Earth's grounding vibration.

Moss Agate emanates a vibration of balance and stability, supports emotional shifts and has a strong connection to Earth vibration.

Black Obsidian provides grounding, stabilizing energy and shields one from negative energy.  It is a stone used to reign in scattered energy and anchor securely to the Earth.