Hazelwood Jewelry

Davails hazelwood is a natural product, sourced in Canada and used for centuries by the  Aboriginal people of North America for its medicinal properties.

Hazelwood is known to be an anti-inflammatory wood and may also assist the body with removing excess acidity.

Davails Hazelwood Faqs

How should I wear my Hazelwood?

  • Hazelwood should be worn at all times with the Hazelwood beads in contact with the skin for best results.
  • Placement of Hazelwood jewelry is a personal choice and convenience, worn either as a bracelet or anklet.

How long does Hazelwood last?

  • Hazelwood lasts from two to six months depending on the severity of the condition you are using it to help treat.
  • Rely on the undeniable reminder of symptoms returning.  Trust your body's response and intuition.

Can my Hazelwood get wet?

  • Yes, wearing Hazelwood in the shower and bath is fine.
  • Refrain from wearing your Hazelwood in pools or hot tubs.  Chlorine will alter the lifespan of your Hazelwood.

What is the purpose of the gemstone?  How do I pick which one I should wear?

  • Energetically, gemstones have their own qualities.  All of our bracelets have a description for the gemstone.
  • Rely on what you are attracted to, what you feel you need or the information provided about the gemstone.
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