Serenity: Davails' Empowerment Collection

Allow the soothing and gentle vibration of this bracelet ease your stress and bustle of daily life and add a sense of tranquility throughout your day.

Blue Fluorite: assists with creativity and brings order to thoughts and emotions and has a strong calming energy.

Blue Lace Agate: has a gentle frequency, emotionally calming and soothes an overactive mind, calms anxiety, soothes doubts and fears to help one reach tranquility.

Amazonite: the stone of harmony, provides soothing energy, filtering out stress and gently supporting communication.

Jet: with the addition of Jet into this mix, it lends a protective quality and absorbs ones negative energy, moving it into clear useable energy which can greatly help one to achieve a state of calm.

The Serenity bracelet embraces a vibration of calm, nurturing and serene energy assisting you to achieve this state with ease.