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An Angel Card Reading gives you the opportunity to connect with your own Guardian Angel team and the Archangels to receive messages for your highest good. Information relayed to you by your team is in support of your life's journey possibly regarding health, relationships, life purpose and more. Direct questions can be asked at any time. Cards are drawn for visual information. Techniques may be used to address personal energy. 

Angels are non-denominational and are with every soul on earth regardless of belief systems or spirituality. 

As an Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP), Gail has been doing professional readings for over 5 years. Gail is a highly intuitive empath and loves to help others connect to their Guardian Angel team and also the Archangels. She works with 15 of the main Archangels to assist clients. 

Readings can be done in person at our location in Ituna, SK, by phone, email or by video connection.

"I am in awe of the support that is available to us from Divine.  We are all supported, loved and are never alone on our journey through life."

Gail Stoyko, AEP


We have several readings available.

Angel Card readings with Gail Stoyko, 15 minutes, $31.50 Gst Included

Angel Card Reading with Gail Stoyko, 30 minutes, $63.00 Gst Included

Angel Card Reading with Gail Stoyko, 60 minutes, $94.50 Gst Included

12 Month Angel Card Reading with Gail Stoyko for 2020, $52.50 Gst Included

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Readings are available in person in Ituna, live zoom meetings or phone.


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