Protection: Davails' Empowerment Bracelet


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Feeling protected allows a certain air of comfort and security.  Protecting your energy from outside influences, negative energy and electromagnetic smog allows you  to protect your personal energy and proceed with  confidence throughout the day.

Tourmaline is a powerful protection stone and has the ability  to transmute and purify negative energy in and around ones self, turning into  useable energy and protects ones energy field.

Black and Rainbow Obsidian has vibrational energy of protection that shields against negativity, negative thoughts and patterns and grounding out negativity to let light in.

Shungite is a powerful stone for protection against electromagnetic frequencies from electrical equipment, negative energies and assists with healing and purifying energy.

Turquoise adds gentle and peaceful energy while contributing its protective qualities to this power packed bracelet.

Wearing the Protection bracelet assists in feeling secure and at ease.  Your personal energy  is shifted into positive energy to tackle daily tasks, shielding from electromagnetic smog and provides refuge from the  impact of negative energy.